High Quality Sterling Silver Artisan Jewelry

Just as the color blue can vary in a gemstone, artisan jewelry can vary in quality depending on the metal used in fabrication. The finest handcrafted artisan jewelry combines a gemstone with a precious metal, such as silver. Silver is available in a variety of grades: .900 silver, .925 sterling silver, .930 Argentium silver, .958 Britannia silver, and .999 fine silver.

Sterling silver is the most popular precious metal used in the making of artisan jewelry. The jewelry designer will shape and work the silver with gentle hammer blows. Since silver is very malleable it is worked at room temperature. With patience, silver can be used to create unique and beautiful artisan jewelry such as a handmade silver bracelet or a deluxe pendant necklace.

Jewels Luxus - Montana Agate Silver Bracelet

This handmade silver bracelet is made with sterling silver wire that has been formed into various shapes which includes a special clasp. The large gemstone is a Montana Agate that was drilled with a special diamond bit.

Jewels Luxus - Montana Agate Pendant Necklace

This deluxe pendant necklace is made with sterling silver and features a Montana Agate gemstone. The colorations and patterns in Montana Agate often invoke thoughts of botanicals and landscapes.