Choosing A Gemstone For Artisan Jewelry

There are many popular blue gemstones but not all gemstones are appropriate for use in ring jewelry.

Selecting the proper gemstone for your artisan jewelry is essential. A softer gemstone such as Apatite, Turquoise and Opal are not always the best choice for a gemstone ring. Softer gemstones such as these are a better choice for handmade artisan pendants and deluxe artisan earrings, where the gemstones will be protected from being scratched.

A blue gemstone is one of the most popular color choices for artisan jewelry. Topaz, Spinel, Zircon, and Aquamarine are all available in various shades of blue. Topaz gemstone ranges in color from a light Sky Blue Topaz, to a vibrant Swiss Blue Topaz, to the London Blue Topaz which is gray blue. Spinel is a hard gemstone which is durable, brilliant, and perfect for artisan jewelry. A blue Spinel gemstone can be used as a less costly alternative to a blue Sapphire.

Artisan jewelry sparkles with a blue Zircon gemstone. Zircon has a high refractive index, which means it is very brilliant and has a lot of fire, almost like that of a diamond. The blue Zircon is a very unique color and will not be confused with an Aquamarine. Aquamarine is dichroic, so the intensity of its color changes when viewed at different angles. The darker blue Aquamarines have greater value.