To Understand And Buy Artisan Jewelry

Six hundred years ago the word artisan was used to describe anyone who handmade things. For example: carpenters, tailors, weavers and goldsmiths were all considered artisans. Those who owned their businesses were called master artisans. Today artisan is a popular word used to describe jewelry. Artisan jewelry is handmade jewelry that is handcrafted by skilled jewelry artists and jewelry designers. The important word to focus on is handmade. Handmade jewelry takes time. If a handcrafted piece of jewelry is highly detailed or elaborate, the jewelry artisan may spend many days, weeks or months perfecting the gemstone ring or deluxe artisan earrings.

Jewels Luxus - Blue Topaz Silver Earrings

These deluxe artisan earrings are made in silver, a precious metal that is well tolerated by almost all individuals with pierced ears. The gemstone earrings shown above are set with Swiss Blue Topaz Gemstones.

Jewels Luxus - London Blue Topaz Ring

This gemstone ring was made in silver and features a London Blue Topaz gemstone. Topaz gemstones are available in three shades of blue: light Sky Blue Topaz, vibrant Swiss Blue Topaz and dark London Blue Topaz.